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I am new to JDF and I am wondering whether it is possible to print multiple documents on the same sheet. For example, print 2 documents (PDFs) each in DIN A4 onto a bigger sheet (here SRA3). Based on my understanding, this is called multiple-up imposition. Is this generally possible?

I've tried it with `NumberUp = "2 1"` and without `StepRepeat` in `LayoutPreparationParams`. And then two `LayoutElement` elements with a `FileSpec` child that are then referenced by the `RunList` but that didn't work. I am happy to provide an example JDF if that is easier to follow.

The printer is a Canon ImagePress C10000.


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      conceptually no problem to do this. Below is an example i've tested at one point to a PrismaSync controller.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <JDF ID="NodeID" Type="ProcessGroup" xmlns="" xmlns:oce="" Types="LayoutPreparation Imposition DigitalPrinting Gathering Folding" Status="Waiting" Version="1.3" Category="DigitalPrinting" SettingsPolicy="MustHonor">
      <Comment Name="Instruction">COMMENTS DISPLAYED IN PRISMA JOB MESSAGE</Comment>
      <Comment Name="oce:TicketVersion">1.00</Comment>
      <CustomerInfo ID="NodeIDCustomer" Class="Parameter" Status="Available" CustomerJobName="F4-2 COPIES Letter on Ledger"></CustomerInfo>
      <LayoutElement ID="NodeIDLE" Status="Available" Class="Parameter">
      <FileSpec URL="file:///c:\JDF\TestSuite\FoldCatalog\LETTER_33_pages.PDF" MimeType="application/pdf" />
      <RunList ID="NodeIDRunList" Status="Available" Class="Parameter" PartIDKeys="Run" NPage="33">
      <LayoutElementRef rRef="NodeIDLE" />
      <Media ID="MediaID" Class="Consumable" Status="Available" Dimension="1224 792" MediaColorName="White" Weight="80" />
      <LayoutPreparationParams ID="NodeIDLPP" Class="Parameter" Status="Available" PresentationDirection="FoldCatalog" Sides="TwoSidedFlipY" BindingEdge="Left" PageDistributionScheme="Sequential" PageOrder="Reader" FoldCatalog="F4-2" NumberUp="2 1" FinishingOrder="FoldGather">
      <!-- FinishingOrder="GatherFold -->
      <MediaRef rRef="MediaID" />
      <FoldingParams Status="Available" ID="NodeIDFolding" Class="Parameter" FoldCatalog="F4-2" />
      <Component ID="NodeIDComponent" Status="Unavailable" Class="Quantity" ComponentType="FinalProduct" />
      <CustomerInfoLink rRef="NodeIDCustomer" Usage="Input" />
      <RunListLink rRef="NodeIDRunList" Usage="Input" />
      <MediaLink rRef="MediaID" Usage="Input" />
      <LayoutPreparationParamsLink rRef="NodeIDLPP" Usage="Input" />
      <FoldingParamsLink rRef="NodeIDFolding" Usage="Input" />
      <ComponentLink rRef="NodeIDComponent" Usage="Output" Amount="5" />

      1. Matthias Schoettle

        Thanks. The difference I see to what I have is that you use FoldCatalog. I tried it out but based on the preview I get it does not work for me (it would print first the first file, then the second).

        What I would like to do is to have two files (e.g., file1 and file2) and print file1 on the left side of the sheet and file 2 on the right side.

        I specified them like this:

        <LayoutElement Class="Parameter" ID="LE_1" Status="Available">
            <FileSpec URL="<snip>/file1.pdf"/>
          <LayoutElement Class="Parameter" ID="LE_2" Status="Available">
            <FileSpec URL="<snip>/file2.pdf"/>
          <RunList Class="Parameter" ID="RunList_1" Status="Available">
            <LayoutElementRef rRef="LE_1"/>
            <LayoutElementRef rRef="LE_2"/>

        The technical specification of the printer states that multiple PDFs are merged ("In case of multiple PDF files, the PDF files are merged: In the order in which the files are listed.").

        Am I on the right track or would I need to use different components to do this?

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