There are several attributes that we'd like to change using JDF for different pages of a job consisting of a single PDF file. The PDF originated as a PostScript file. In PostScript, setpagedevice can be used to set MediaType, MediaColor, MediaWeight, Duplex, etc. on a page-by-page basis. We have this PostScript media/plex information embedded in the PDF file using a proprietary format, and what we'd like to do is set up a JDF file that incorporates this media/plex information. I can see how to set these attributes up for the entire PDF file, using:

  • ResourcePool/Media/@MediaType
  • ResourcePool/Media/@MediaColorName
  • ResourcePool/Media/@Weight
  • ResourcePool/LayoutPreparationParams/@Sides

But how can I set these to different values for different pages of the PDF job? They might change a few times throughout the job. For example, pages 1-10 might be simplex, and pages 11-16 might be duplex. Pages 1-5 might be MediaColorName White, pages 6-10 might be Blue, and pages 11-16 might be White. In the most extreme case, these attributes could change for every single page of the job.


Dylan Miller

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