I wanted some clarification on how to specify copy count in XJDF in In Line Digital Printing.

I am referencing spec XJDF Spec 2.1-DRAFT-20190320 build 1172

I wanted clarification on Table 5.64 under "Component"

"Resource/ AmountPool/PartAmount/@Amount SHALL specify the number of copies that SHALL be produced. If the input RunList specifies a PDL with multiple documents or sets, such as PDF/VT, the amount SHALL BE defined as the number of sets in the input RunList."

This tells me to use a "Component" resource to specify the number of copies using AmountPool/PartAmount@Amount.  However this second bold portion I find a little confusing.

If the Runlist has multiple documents specified, amount shall specify the "number of sets IN the input RunList"

Is this what is intended or should it be the number of sets OF the input RunList.

"In" makes it sound like @Amount inside of the input resource of "RunList" should specify the amount of copies to produce but that does not seem correct.

Could I get some clarification on this segment please?

Thank you.

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      I am not quite sure what your issue is, but the intention of the clarification was the following:

      Imagine a personalized, PDL, e.g. PDF/VT that contains 10000 records.

      In this case Amount=10000 specifies 1 copy of each of the 10000 records and NOT 10000 copies of the 10000 records, i.e. 100,000,000 copies.

      I hope this helps.

      1. satoshi yuki

        Not the original poster, but how exactly do we specify the number of copies of a print out?

        If I wanted 3 copies of a single page pdf should the XJDF below work?  Is this the correct way to specify the copy count?

        To my understanding the previous reply was in regards to the number of items in the RunList correct?

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <XJDF JobID="n_0081000" JobPartID="n_0071000" Types="DigitalPrinting" xmlns="http://www.CIP4.org/JDFSchema_2_0">
                 <Header AgentName="Test" AgentVersion="0.09" DeviceID="TestID" ID="a_8" Time="2019-04-29T15:11:56-36:00" />
           <ResourceSet Name="RunList" Usage="Input">
                 <RunList Pages="0 -1">
                    <FileSpec MimeType="application/pdf" URL="http://1page.pdf" />
           <ResourceSet Name="Component" Usage="Output">
                    <PartAmount Amount="3" />
                 <Component />

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