Sheet based versioning means that multiple versions are combine onto one imposed press sheet version using StrippingParams. E.g. multiple version covers, or ganging flyers/business cards (a bit misuse of versioning).

1. In this particular case: one Sheet defined in Layout, StrippingParams has only one AssemblyIDs value for each BinderySignature so all versions end up on ONE printed sheet (e.g. Cover V1 and V2).

Question is if ExposedMedia then:

a. has no PartVersions (since no plate changes for press)

b. has PartVersiohns with the list of versions (since the plates contain all these versions).

Would the press need to know these versions?
These also end up in the CIP3 PPF name which then becomes very long, especially when ganging business cards using versioning.

2. Related issues to concern:

a. if no PartVersions are added for a sheet based cover versioning, but the body part needs real plate versioning, then the PartVersioning structure is not so consistent (sometimes it lists the versions, sometimes not).

b. if no PartVersions are added but calculation results in multiple press sheet versions (Layout has only one sheet but press sheet versions in StrippingParams generate one printed sheet with cover V1 and V2 and second with V3 and V4, then PartVersioning in ExposedMedia is needed?

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