If I took the FoldCatalog F4-1 as an example, it is clearly documented to produce a left portrait page and a right portrait page on a landscape physical sheet. If the sheet was 17x15 inch (width x height), its understandable as a portrait page of 8.5 x 15 is placed in the left partition and a portrait page of 8.5 x 15 is placed in the right partition. If the sheet was 16 x 15 inch, it is also understandable etc. but what should happen when the sheet gets to be 14 x 15 ie. when the width is less than the height - below are two possibilities

1) I assume that each partition continues to divide the sheet size as in the same fashion as 17x15 page, meaning the left partition size is 7x15 and the right partition whos size is 7x15, ie. this is now a portrait left page and a portrait right page on a portrait sheet.

2) I have seen an different interpretation that as soon as width is less than height, everything is rotated 90/270 so that there continues to be a portrait left page of 7.5x14 and a portrait right page of 7.5x14 on a landscape sheet of 15x14.

I believe 1) is the documented and intended JDF behavior but could you please confirm.

If 2) could you please clarify where the spec mentions this behaviour.


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      There are certainly no implied rotation based on the sheet size.

      Thus 1 is correct and 2 is simply voodoo that is trying to guess the intention rather than following the spec.

      1. martin goodall

        Many thanks for the confirmation

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