Initial IP draft versions of XJDF and JDF 1.6 are now available for download at:


JDF 1.6 is an incremental upgrade that contains detail changes with respect to JDF 1.5. XJDF contains major architectural changes and has been greatly simplified with respect to JDF 1.5.
These are the initial specification review specifications as called for in section IV of the CIP4 intellectual Property Policy which can be found at: 

Please review the specification drafts carefully and post comments as Adobe fdf files in the tables at


The initial 60 day review period ends on June 6 2017. Minor technical and editorial modifications may still be applied and will be tracked in the CIP4 issue tracking system:


Thanks to everyone who has invested in making XJDF and JDF 1.6 happen!


You have until Friday 23 to book your room, otherwise the remaining rooms will be awarded for sale.








Strasbourg Interop Reminder

The Strasbourg Interop will be from October 10-14 in Strasbourg

If you have  not yet registered your hotel room, now is the time - otherwise the hotel will put the remaining rooms up for sale.

Details of the interop can be found at: Strasbourg Interop

CIP4 is jointly developing an ICS for common metadata in PDF with ISO as part of our class A liaison with ISO. We have provided ISO with a draft and will continue development together with ISO.

If you are interested in participating in the ISO meetings, you will need to submit you contact details according to the attached pdf: call for experts.pdf

Do not hesitate to contact me at rainer(dot)prosi(at) in case you have any questions or need assistance.



I've uploaded the drupa XJDF launch presentation to:

Feel free to look for more presentations at: Presentations

Hosted by Ultimate TechnoGraphics, The next InterOp meeting is in Montreal Canada March 7th to 11th 2016. 

For more info: #30: Montreal, Canada March 7-11 2016

Note: It is recommended to make hotel reservations as soon as possible to ensure space and rate. 

Happy Holidays

I'd like to wish everyone in CIP4 a happy holiday season. Enjoy the break!

Please don't be afraid that CIP4 has disappeared just because answers and activity may come to a grinding stop until mid January.

We will restart work with a general technical phone conference at


Please go to Document Archive to see the slides and note from the 2015 General Meeting

Due to a timing issue with the financial audit we need to move the General meeting, as the audited accounts will not be available on November 4th.

The meeting will now be held on November 18th.

GoTo Meeting URL:

Date and Time:
Wednesday November 18th
PST 08:00
EST 11:00
UK 16:00
CET 17:00
Japan 01:00
AU EST 03:00

1.) Review of CIP4 Activities by CIP4 Officers
2.) Financial Statement/Auditors Report
3.) Open Questions and Answers

Registration is not required

My apologies for any inconvenience this cause.



If you are attending the Interop next week in Paris and are already arriving on Sunday, you might want to join the group for dinner.

We will meet in the IBIS hotel lobby on Sunday October 11 at 19:30 (note the :30) and attempt to find a restaurant that accommodates everyones tastes and also fits our group.

This interop, we will have the social event on Tuesday evening due to the overlap with the CIP4 France event.

If you want to participate, please register on very bottom of the interop page at: #29: Paris, France

If you have not yet registered for the interop, please do so asap on the same page so that we can appropriately plan on the number of attendees.


Hi All

the Paris interop is coming closer and I'd like to remind you to register soon using the 'vote' macro which is now working again.

The registration and information page is at: Paris Interop registration reminder#29: Paris, France

I hope to see many of you there




The ICS was already approved but some minor editorial changes were done.

Please check ICS Documents for the latest version and give feedback if changes are still needed before publication.

I have uploaded the XJDF presentation that I gave at the TAGA meeting in Albuquerque and also at the Tokyo interop.

It can be downloaded here:

Since we do not have that many active testing participants, we decided that discussions should start on Wednesday morning rather than Wednesday afternoon.

See the updated agenda at Interop Agenda Change - Discussions start Wednesday morning#28: Tokyo, Japan##28:Tokyo,Japan-Exactdatesandlistofthetopics