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See JDF 1.5 Errata for an official errata page for JDF 1.5

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JDF Specification Errata Issues

The following a list of all Specification Bugs.

Issue JDF-47

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 16/Oct/14 5:41 PM - Status: Implemented)


Table 3-10: Abstract Resource Element

PipeProtocol ... ...
IdentificationField – For barcode push.

Issue JDF-124

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 16/Jun/15 3:26 PM - Status: Implemented)


4.1.2 Specification of Delivery of End Products

A Job can define one or more products and specify a set of deliveries of end products. To accomplish this, a Node JDF [@_Type _= _"Product"_] is created to define each product to be produced. The root Product Intent Node SHOULD contain a DeliveryIntent Resource that specifies a set of Drop DropIntent Elements. EachDrop DropIntent Element has a common delivery address and time, and a set of DropIntent DropItemIntent Elements that specifies the amount of individual Component Elements to deliver to this address. Quote generation as defined in the previous chapter includes the specification of delivery addresses. For more information, see Section 6.3.4, “Delivery”.

Issue JDF-89

(reported by Koen Van de Poel on 29/Dec/14 1:27 PM - Status: Implemented)


8.27.2 Element: Company
Specifies contacts to a company including detailed information about contact persons and addresses. Use
@ProductID when a unique identifier for the Company is required. This structure can be used in many situations
where addresses or contact persons are needed. Examples of contacts are customer, supplier, company and addressees. The structure is derived from the vCard format. It comprises the
Company defines the organization name and organizational units (ORG) of the organizational properties defined in the vCard format. The corresponding XML types of the vCard are
quoted in the table. The
@ProductID attribute SHALL be globally unique across all companies.

<instruction 2.0 @ExternalID @CompanyID SHALL be globally unique >

Issue JDF-114

(reported by martin goodall on 18/May/15 7:45 PM - Status: Implemented)


<instruction remove NDoc, Disposition and @ID from resources that are used as subelements.>

Issue JDF-132

(reported by Koen Van de Poel on 13/Oct/15 11:49 PM - Status: Implemented)


Example O-4: O-5 and O-7
<instruction Replace by namespan>

Issue JDF-39

(reported by Koen Van de Poel on 15/Oct/14 9:47 AM - Status: Implemented)


Table 8-139: Ink Resource

Family ? ... HKS – ink
Toyo – ink
ISO – ink [ISO2846-1:1997] (used by SWOP)
InkJet – ink

Ink - any ink that is used as a colorant.
Primer - any Ink that is used as a primer.

Varnish – liquid that is similar to ink
Silicon – liquid that is similar to inkToner – liquid that is similar to ink
InkName ? ... The fully qualified ink name including the ink @Family @Brand name. For instance, "PANTONE 138 C" is a member of the PANTONE family.
SpecialInk ? ... ...
InkJet - Special ink for inkjet printers.

Issue JDF-57

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 13/Nov/14 5:19 PM - Status: Implemented)


Table 8-61: ConventionalPrintingParams
<instruction accept all XJDF changes in DirectProof (which is 1.x anyhow)

Table 8-89: DigitalPrintingParams
<same instructions, but for DirectProofAmount>

Issue JDF-56

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 05/Nov/14 11:23 AM - Status: Implemented)


Table 9-29: Color Resource

PrintConditionColor *
New in JDF 1.2
Deprecated in JDF 1.5
Undeprecated in JDF 1.6
... ...

Issue JDF-9

(reported by Stefan Meissner on 24/Jul/14 6:09 PM - Status: Implemented)

Revision: Part

The Separation attribute in Part is missing the predefined value: "None", which should be inserted after "Varnish".

Page 117 - Table 3-26: Part Element (Sheet 8 of 10)

Separation ? string ...
Varnish – Varnish.
None – explicit reference to a skipped module (i.e., no separation).

Issue JDF-109

(reported by martin goodall on 04/May/15 10:17 PM - Status: Implemented)


3.5.1 Element: Ancestor

Page 67 - Table 3-8: Ancestor Element (Sheet 2 of 3)

Ancestor is missing some attributes that should be copied from JDF Node.

Name Data Type Description
Template = "false"
New in JDF 1.1
boolean Copy of the @Template Attribute from the original ancestor Node. For details, see Table 3-4, “JDF Node” on page 48.
TemplateID ?
New in JDF 1.2
string Copy of the @TemplateID Attribute from the original ancestor Node. For details, see Table 3-4, “JDF Node” on page 48.
TemplateVersion ?
New in JDF 1.2
boolean Copy of the @TemplateVersion Attribute from the original ancestor Node. For details, see Table 3-4, “JDF Node” on page 48.

Issue JDF-100

(reported by martin goodall on 28/Apr/15 6:20 PM - Status: Implemented)


4.1.3 Specification of Process Specifics for Product Intent Nodes

Example 4-1: Product Intent Node
The value of FrontCoatings/@DataType and BackCoatings/@DataType is incorrect. It should read "EnumerationSpan" rather than "NameSpan"

<MediaIntent Class="Intent" ID="Link0005" PartIDKeys="Option" Status="Available">
  <FrontCoatings DataType="EnumerationSpan" DataType="EnumerationSpan" Preferred="None"/>
  <MediaIntent Option="1">
    <FrontCoatings DataType="EnumerationSpan" Preferred="Glossy"/>
  <BackCoatings DataType="EnumerationSpan" Preferred="None"/>

Issue JDF-42

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 16/Oct/14 12:38 PM - Status: Implemented)


5.14.4 QueueFilter

Table 5-118 QueueFilter Element (Sheet 2 of 2)*

QueueEntryDetails = "Brief"
Modified in JDF 1.4
enumeration ...
JobPhase – Provide all available QueueEntry information including the associated JobPhase Elements. JobPhase/@URL MAY be returned when QueueEntryDetails="JobPhase".

Issue JDF-14

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 19/Sep/14 10:39 AM - Status: Implemented)


5.2 List of All JMF Messages

Page 178 - Table 5-3

Notification page 203 S Used to signal usual events due to any activities of aDevice, operator, etc. (e.g., scanning a bar code). Such pure events can be subscribed to by the Events Message.

Issue JDF-13

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 18/Sep/14 5:38 PM - Status: Implemented)


5.8.10 StopPersistentChannel

Page 208 - Table 5-33
The ResponseTypeObj SubscriptionInfo is missing. The ResponseTypeObj row should be:

New in JDF 1.5
SubscriptionInfo * One SubscriptionInfo element SHALL be returned for every Persistent Channel that was removed.

Issue JDF-122

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 14/Jun/15 3:00 PM - Status: Implemented)


5.9.12 Wakeup

Page 241
ResourceInfo/@Scope was omitted DRAFTING The wrong message type was specified to resume a queue entry after wakeup:

All Jobs that were running on the Device at shutdown are also in a held state and SHALL be explicitly resumed with a ResubmitQueueEntryResumeQueueEntry Message.

Issue JDF-37

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 08/Oct/14 2:59 PM - Status: Implemented)

Revision: Element: ResourceInfo

Page 225 - Table 5-53 3/4
ResourceInfo/@Scope was omitted DRAFTING The Attribute Scope was erroneously omitted in Table 5-33. It should be added as:

Scope ?
New in JDF 1.5
enumeration Specifies whether the resource described in this ResourceInfo is currently loaded or allowed to be loaded.
Values are:
Allowed – The Resource MAY be loaded but is currently not loaded.
Present – The Resource is currently loaded.

Issue JDF-27

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 25/Sep/14 6:33 PM - Status: Implemented)


6.3.2 DigitalPrinting

Page 321 Table 6-92
Typo in Component "or" should read "of"

Component ...
Note: when processing a PDL with multiple documents or sets, such as pdf/vt, the amount is defined in the scope of the entire document. If one copy or of the number of copies defined within the PDL file of each record is requested, the Component/@Amount SHALL be set to 1.

Issue JDF-19

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 23/Sep/14 9:18 PM - Status: Implemented)


8.122 Renderingparams

Page 679 - Table 8-219
RenderingParams/@MimeType is new in JDF 1.5 and must therefore be optional. The table row should read (note the "?"):

MimeType ? string @MimeType identifies the MIME type associated with this output file format. For example "application/pdf".

Issue JDF-101

(reported by martin goodall on 28/Apr/15 6:29 PM - Status: Implemented)


8.29 ContentList

Page 477 - Example 8-13
Contact/@Class is incorrect. It should be "Parameter".

<ContentList Class="Parameter" ID="ContentList" Status="Available">
    <ContentMetadata ISBN10="0123456789" Title="book thing">
      <Comment ID="c071030_022423109_000005" Name="Abstract">
       Abstract of the book in english
      <Contact  ContactTypes="Editor">
        <Person DescriptiveName="authorName" FamilyName="authorName"/>
    <ContentMetadata Title="Chapter 2">
      <Contact ContactTypes="Customer">
        <Person DescriptiveName="authorName2" FamilyName="authorName2"/>
    <ContentMetadata Title="Chapter 3">
      <Contact ContactTypes="Customer">
        <Person DescriptiveName="authorName3" FamilyName="authorName3"/>

Issue JDF-83

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 22/Dec/14 11:15 AM - Status: Implemented)


8.68 IdentificationField

Page 543 - Table 8-100
The description in @ValueTemplate has a wrong reference.

ValueTemplate ? string A list of values used with @ValueTemplate @ValueFormat to define fixed and/or variable content of barcodes or text.

Issue JDF-52

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 28/Oct/14 1:03 PM - Status: Implemented)


9.7 Media

Page 774 - Table 9-13: Media Resource (Sheet 6 of 10)
A line feed is missing between the MediaType values Transparency and Unknown

MediaType ?
Modified in JDF 1.5
Unknown – Deprecated in JDF 1.2

Issue JDF-98

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 24/Apr/15 5:08 PM - Status: Implemented)


B.1.1 Using xsi:type with JDF Nodes

Page 939 B.1.1 Using xsi:type with JDF Nodes
The xsi:schemaLocation declaration is missing the namespace uri: "".

<JDF xmlns="" ID="BackCover" Status="InProgress"
    Type="DigitalPrinting" Version="1.4" JobPartID="345"

Issue JDF-116

(reported by Koen Van de Poel on 01/Jun/15 1:05 PM - Status: Implemented)


Issue JDF-115

(reported by martin goodall on 18/May/15 8:00 PM - Status: Implemented)


Issue JDF-107

(reported by martin goodall on 04/May/15 9:40 PM - Status: Implemented)


Issue JDF-106

(reported by martin goodall on 04/May/15 8:44 PM - Status: Implemented)


Issue JDF-88

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 29/Dec/14 12:38 PM - Status: Implemented)


Issue JDF-81

(reported by Rainer Prosi on 21/Dec/14 4:24 PM - Status: Implemented)


JDF Schema Errata Issues

The following a list of all Schema Bugs.

JDF-105: JDF Schema has incorrect default for ShapeDef

(reported by martin goodall on 04/May/15 7:43 PM - Status: Implemented)

JDF-104: JDF SChema Parsing and "Lot" emply string

(reported by martin goodall on 30/Apr/15 6:55 PM - Status: Implemented)

JDF-102: JDF Schema

(reported by martin goodall on 28/Apr/15 6:42 PM - Status: Implemented)

JDF-92: 1.5 schema rejects ProductID in Company and Contact

(reported by Koen Van de Poel on 18/Jan/15 9:45 PM - Status: Implemented)

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