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This page provides a page by summary of all errata that unfortunately made it into JDF 1.5. If you are interested in ongoing discussions on JDF 1.5, pease refer to JDF 1.5 Errata Discussions in JIRA.


Page numbers refer to the printed page number. Add 47 to the printed page number in order to navigate to an indexed page, e.g. in Acrobat.

Table of content

Chapter 3 Structure of JDF Nodes and Jobs

3.5.1 Element: Ancestor

JDF-109 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Ancestor is missing some attributes that should be copied from JDF Node.

Page 67 - Table 3-8: Ancestor Element (Sheet 2 of 3)

Template = "false"

New in JDF 1.1


Copy of the @Template Attribute from the original ancestor Node. For details, see Table 3-4, “JDF Node” on page 48.

TemplateID ?

New in JDF 1.2

stringCopy of the @TemplateID Attribute from the original ancestor Node. For details, see Table 3-4, “JDF Node” on page 48.

TemplateVersion ?

New in JDF 1.2

stringCopy of the @TemplateVersion Attribute from the original ancestor Node. For details, see Table 3-4, “JDF Node” on page 48. Part

Page 117 - Table 3-26: Part Element (Sheet 8 of 10)

JDF-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The Separation attribute in Part is missing the predefined value: "None", which should be inserted after "Varnish".

Separation ?string


Varnish – Varnish.

None – explicit reference to a skipped module (i.e., no separation).



Chapter 4 Life Cycle of JDF

4.1.3 Specification of Process Specifics for Product Intent Nodes

Example 4-1: Product Intent Node

JDF-100 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The value of FrontCoatings/@DataType and BackCoatings/@DataType is incorrect. It should read "EnumerationSpan" rather than "NameSpan"

<MediaIntent Class="Intent" ID="Link0005" PartIDKeys="Option" Status="Available">
  <FrontCoatings DataType="EnumerationSpan" DataType="EnumerationSpan" Preferred="None"/>
  <MediaIntent Option="1">
    <FrontCoatings DataType="EnumerationSpan" Preferred="Glossy"/>
  <BackCoatings DataType="EnumerationSpan" Preferred="None"/>


Chapter 5 JMF Messaging with the Job Messaging Format


5.2 List of All JMF Messages

Page 178 - Table 5-3

JDF-14 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Notificationpage 203S

Used to signal usual events due to any activities of aDevice, operator, etc. (e.g., scanning a bar code).
Such pure events can be subscribed to by the Events Message.

5.8.10 StopPersistentChannel

Page 208 - Table 5-33

JDF-13 - Getting issue details... STATUS  The ResponseTypeObj SubscriptionInfo is missing. The ResponseTypeObj row should be:


New in JDF 1.5

SubscriptionInfo *

One SubscriptionInfo element SHALL be returned for every Persistent Channel that was removed. Element: ResourceInfo

Page 225 - Table 5-53 3/4

JDF-37 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - ResourceInfo/@Scope was omitted DRAFTING The Attribute Scope was erroneously omitted in Table 5-33. It should be added as:

Scope ?

New in JDF 1.5


Specifies whether the resource described in this ResourceInfo is currently loaded or allowed to be loaded.

Values are:
Allowed – The Resource MAY be loaded but is currently not loaded.
Present – The Resource is currently loaded.

5.9.12 Wakeup

Page 241

JDF-122 - Getting issue details... STATUS ResourceInfo/@Scope was omitted DRAFTING The wrong message type was specified to resume a queue entry after wakeup:

All Jobs that were running on the Device at shutdown are also in a held state and SHALL be explicitly resumed with a ResubmitQueueEntry ResumeQueueEntry Message. Element: QueueSubmissionParams

Page 258 - Table 5-99 QueueSubmissionParams Element (Sheet 2 of 3)

JDF-21 - Getting issue details... STATUS  The Attribute WatchURL was erroneously not deprecated. 

WatchURL ?

Deprecated in JDF 1.5



5.14.4 QueueFilter

Page 270 - Table 5-118 QueueFilter Element (Sheet 1 of 2)

JDF-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS  The Attribute Activation was erroneously omitted in Table 5-118. It should be added as:

Activation ?

New in JDF 1.5


Activation of the QueueEntry Elements to be returned. If not specified, there is no filtering on QueueEntry/@Activation.

Page 271 - Table 5-118 QueueFilter Element (Sheet 2 of 2)

JDF-42 - Getting issue details... STATUS Clarify use of QueueEntry/JobPhase/@URL when QueueFilter/@QueueEntryDetails = "JobPhase" DRAFTING Clarify that JpbPhase/@URL is a valid attribute when QueueEntryDetails="JobPhase". It should be modified as:


= "Brief"

Modified in JDF 1.4



JobPhase – Provide all available QueueEntry information including the associated JobPhase Elements. JobPhase/@URL MAY be returned when QueueEntryDetails="JobPhase".



Chapter 6 Processes

6.3.2 DigitalPrinting

Page 321 Table 6-92

JDF-27 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Typo in Component "or" should read "of"


Note: when processing a PDL with multiple documents or sets, such as pdf/vt, the amount is defined in the scope of the entire document. If one copy or of the number of copies defined within the PDL file of each record is requested, the Component/@Amount SHALL be set to 1.


Chapter 8 Parameters

8.19 Color

Page 453 - Table 8-27

JDF-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS  The element name (PrintConditionColor) is missing in the second row of sheet 6/6 of Table 8-27. It should read:

PrintConditionColor *element

Description of the printing condition specific color properties of a colorant (i.e., how is the printed colorresult specific to media, screening, etc.).

8.29 ContentList

8.29.2 Element: ContentMetadata

Page 477 - Example 8-13

JDF-101 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Contact/@Class is incorrect. It should be "Parameter".

<ContentList Class="Parameter" ID="ContentList" Status="Available">
    <ContentMetadata ISBN10="0123456789" Title="book thing">
      <Comment ID="c071030_022423109_000005" Name="Abstract">
       Abstract of the book in english
      <Contact Class="Parameter" ContactTypes="Editor">
        <Person Class="Parameter" DescriptiveName="authorName" FamilyName="authorName"/>
    <ContentMetadata Title="Chapter 2">
      <Contact Class="Parameter" ContactTypes="Customer">
        <Person Class="Parameter" DescriptiveName="authorName2" FamilyName="authorName2"/>
    <ContentMetadata Title="Chapter 3">
      <Contact class="Parameter" ContactTypes="Customer">
        <Person class="Parameter" DescriptiveName="authorName3" FamilyName="authorName3"/>


8.68 IdentificationField

Page 543 - Table 8-100

JDF-83 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The description in @ValueTemplate has a wrong reference.

ValueTemplate ?  string

A list of values used with @ValueTemplate @ValueFormat to define fixed and/or variable content of barcodes or text.

8.122 Renderingparams

Page 679 - Table 8-219

JDF-19 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RenderingParams/@MimeType is new in JDF 1.5 and must therefore be optional. The table row should read (note the "?"):

MimeType ?string

@MimeType identifies the MIME type associated with this output file format. For example "application/pdf".


Chapter 9 Resources

9.7 Media

Page 774 - Table 9-13: Media Resource (Sheet 6 of 10)


JDF-52 - Getting issue details... STATUS  A line feed is missing between the MediaType values Transparency and Unknown

MediaType ?

Modified in JDF 1.5




Unknown Deprecated in JDF 1.2



Appendix B Schema

B.1.1 Using xsi:type with JDF Nodes

Page 939 B.1.1 Using xsi:type with JDF Nodes

JDF-98 - Getting issue details... STATUS   The xsi:schemaLocation declaration is missing the namespace uri: "".

<JDF xmlns="" ID="BackCover" Status="InProgress"
	Type="DigitalPrinting" Version="1.4" JobPartID="345"


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