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This ICS is targeted at conventional and digital commercial printing. This CIP4 ICS details the use of PrintTalk and JDF to allow a Customer to convey his/her requirements to a print provider, to allow the print provider to respond and to allow the Customer to place an order. The Customer specifies his requirements in a JDF Product Intent which he sends to the MIS using a PrintTalk Business Object – a Request-For-Quote. The MIS responds with one or more JDF Product Intent Nodes that it creates from the RFQ. The MIS returns these Nodes in another PrintTalk Business Object – Quotation which has a set of Quote Elements. The Customer can select one of the Quote Elements and use it to place the order using a PrintTalk Business Object – PurchaseOrder. This ICS details how PrintTalk is used with JDF Version 1.3, and the requirements for the JDF at each of the stages in business exchange.

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MissionUse of PrintTalk and JDF to convey customers requirements to a print provider