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Most CIP4 Meetings are held in one of our two virtual meeting rooms. These can be accessed by installing the browser plugin "GoToMeeting" on your computer. When calling the meeting room URL the first time, you will be required to install the plugin. In most situation this will take less than 2 minutes. CIP4 Meetings are scheduled using the Confluence Team Calendars of the respective work groups.



Joining a CIP4 Meeting

Joining a CIP4 Meeting is quite easy. Just click on the room link (Room 1 or Room 2), install the GoToMeeting PlugIn and wait. When you see the following window everything has worked fine. This windows appears if no organizer has joined the meeting room yet. As soon as the organizer attend the meeting, you will be forwareded to the virtual meeting room automatically.

Organize a CIP4 Meeting

In order to start a CIP4 Meeting follow the room link as well and click on the "log in" button on the lower left side of the window. Next, you have to log in using the right credentials. When succeded, you will be forwarded to the virtual meeting room automatically.

Meeting Room URLs

Meeting Room
Room 1, AB, BoD
Room 2 Groups


Meeting Room Credentials

Please type in your CIP4 Password:
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