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Welcome to the technical website of our Confluence System. As you see we have changed our system infrastructure. You can find a short introduction into the new infrastructure on the page How-To's.

The new environment is aimed to make CIP4's work more efficient through better collaboration and complete transparency. Confluence is the place where we can share information, organize work group meetings and CIP4 Interops, manage questions, make decisions and much more. Atlassian Confluence is very powerful and easy to use application. Further, many companies already use Confluence as well. So, many users should be already familiar with the application.

During the relaunch we also decided to bring CIP4 closer to non-members. Everyone who is interested in the CIP4 Organization and its technologies is able to register now. Each registered user will become a "CIP4 Visitor". Visitors are allowed to access the Work Group Spaces, subscribe to blogs, create JIRA issues, ask questions in Confluence Questions and more. 




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CIP4 News


Due to a collision with a medical conference in Dresden during our scheduled week of September 18-22 we may have to shift the Interop back by one week.

Please do not finalize your travel just yet. We will keep you posted here.


The final working draft versions of JDF 1.6 and XJDF are now available for download at:
A detailed list of modifications - mostly minor and editorial - can be found at:
This is the 3rd call for review of  JDF 1.6 and XJDF according to the CIP4 Intellectual Property Policy:

V. Publication Specification Review: 
After reviewing the suggested changes received from any Member and incorporating such revisions as deemed reasonable, the CTO will submit the final working draft for approval by the Technical Steering Committee and all working group members for comments and IP review within a specified period which shall be not less than 45 days.

The review period commences now and continues until August 24 2017.

Please let me know if you have any Intellectual Property related to either XJDF or JDF 1.6 and if so which of the options you choose to grant:

A.) When requested, Member will grant a license to any such patent claim, at any time issued,
without compensation, to any applicant, regardless of competitive status, desiring to utilize
the license for the purpose of implementing the Specification; or
B.) When requested, Member will grant a license to any such patent claimant any time issued, to
any applicant, regardless of competitive status, under fair and reasonable terms and conditions,
to utilize the license for the purpose of implementing the Specification; or
C.) For each patent claim, at any time issued, that is necessary to implement areas of the Specification,
the Member is not willing to comply with or to give assurances under "A" or "B".


CIP4 Events


    Customise the different types of events you'd like to manage in this calendar.


    Optionally, restrict who can view or add events to the team calendar.


    Grab the calendar's URL and email it to your team, or paste it on a page to embed the calendar.


    The calendar is ready to go! Click any day on the calendar to add an event or use the Add event button.


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