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This Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS) document standardizes business transactions between a Print Buyer and a Print Provider. In particular, this document defines a subset of the XJDF and PrintTalk specifications that has relevance for automated print procurement. The price negotiation workflow that is defined by the RFQ and Quotation Business Objects in PrintTalk is explicitly out of scope for this ICS.

This ICS document describes the workflow Business Objects required for submitting jobs from a Print Buyer to a Print Providerand mechanisms for the Print Provider to either accept or refuse the job and to provide the Print Buyer with job status information. Jobs can either be completely specified in detail for blind exchange or reference pre-negotiated product configurations by identifier that have been synchronized offline.

NameAutomated Print Procurement
Published on2019-12-17
Issue Track
DocumentPublication DateICSVersions

December 17, 2019Cus-APP_L1-2.0