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The specification IP version #2 of PrintTalk 2.0 is now available for download at:

This is the second IP review according to CIP4s IP Policy:

V. Publication Specification Review: At least 30 days prior to when the CTO intends to declare that no further substantive changes will be made to the working draft of a Specification, the CTO  will  make  a  “Call  for  final  changes  to  the  draft.”  During  that  period  all  Members  are  encouraged to review the working draft for patent claims that they may hold that are necessary for the implementation of any area of the Specification.

PrintTalk 2.0 is an improved version of PrintTalk 1.5. The major change is the use of XJDF for product description rather than JDF 1.5.

Please review the specification draft carefully and post intellectual property related comments as Adobe fdf files in the tables at PrintTalk 2.0 IP Review.

The 30 day review period ends on March 23 2019. Minor technical and editorial modifications may still be applied and will be tracked in the CIP4 issue tracking system:

Thanks to everyone who has invested in making PrintTalk 2.0 happen!

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