Blog from October, 2018

The next annual CIP4 general meeting will be held at the Copenhagen Interop on Wednesday March 27.

Remote participation will be available. More details soon.

There will be a face to face technical workgroup meeting at the Heidelberg Shinagawa site:

This is a follow-up of the IGAS JTWG meeting on July 31st.

I hope to see many of you again in Shinagawa!

Preliminary Agenda:

Note that the times are guesses – we willput in a 15 minute break in the middle to clear our heads.

14:00 – Arrive and Introduce participants

14:15 – Requirements of JDF/XJDF from Japan 

14:30 – Report from the Boulder Interop

-        Status XJDF

-        Status JDF

-        Status PrintTalk

-        Next versions (time line)


15:00 – ICS Status

-        Print Procurement (XJDF/PrintTalk)

-        Quality Control (XJDF/XJMF/PrintTalk)

-        IDP(JDF/XJDF)


16:00 – Digital Finishing in IDP

-        XJDF translation of best practice complex example

-        Discussion of a pipe ICS for near-line communication


16:45 Next steps and adjourn