Blog from March, 2018

JDF 1.6 is now released

CIP4 is pleased to announce the releases of a new version of the Job Description Format (JDF) specification. The Version 1.6 specification is now available at In addition to incorporating a number of technical enhancements and additions, this new version is backward compatible with JDF 1.5 and previous versions. CIP4 has also begun the process of creating an online Integration Matrix enabling JDF users to quickly identify vendor pairings that have already been successfully integrated, a tool that will be helpful to users seeking new solutions to integrate within an existing business and/or production workflow.

XJDF is now released

CIP4 is pleased to announce the release of XJDF, the latest iteration of the JDF standard. XJDF is designed to simplify workflow automation by making it easier to both implement, and validate with the use of standard XML tools. CIP4 has developed XJDF to build upon, and improve, based upon historical experience with the JDF standard over the past nearly two decades. The new standard will coexist in parallel with JDF 1.6, which is being released simultaneously. This concurrent release of both versions offers industry stakeholders the option to incorporate JDF, XJDF or a combination of the two into their product offerings and/or production environments.