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Blog from February, 2018

The integration matrix at https://cip4.org/jdfwork/jdf-integration-matrix/jdf-matrix-application.html is still sparsely populated.

We will have someone on site to update the matrix in real time. If you are coming to the interop please be prepared with a list of your companies products and the respective products that you integrate with.

If you are not coming to the interop please download and send the form to secretariat@cip4.org so that we have a basis to work on.

Interop Reminder

The Bologna Interop is approaching rapidly  - see Interop 34: Bologna, Italia. If you haven't registered yet, please do so soon.

Note also that we have a straw poll at the bottom of the registraion page due to some opening hours issues with our anticipated social event venue.

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The second release candidates for JDF and XJDF are available for review at JDF and XJDF.

There are currently no open issues in JIRA and these release candidates are anticipated to be very, very close to the final specification versions. Please create issues in JIRA for any typographical or editorial issues that you may find. Technical issues will not be addressed outside of an errata workflow which is still to be discussed at the Bologna interop.

The final publication is scheduled for the end of February 2018.