Communardo will move applications to a new Hosting Provider on June 13, 2018
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Initial IP draft versions of XJDF and JDF 1.6 are now available for download at:


JDF 1.6 is an incremental upgrade that contains detail changes with respect to JDF 1.5. XJDF contains major architectural changes and has been greatly simplified with respect to JDF 1.5.
These are the initial specification review specifications as called for in section IV of the CIP4 intellectual Property Policy which can be found at: 

Please review the specification drafts carefully and post comments as Adobe fdf files in the tables at


The initial 60 day review period ends on June 6 2017. Minor technical and editorial modifications may still be applied and will be tracked in the CIP4 issue tracking system:


Thanks to everyone who has invested in making XJDF and JDF 1.6 happen!