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CIP4 News

The initial IP review is now completed with no comments received.

The specification IP versions #2 of JDF 1.7, XJDF 2.1 and PrintTalk 2.1 are now available for download at: 

JDF 1.7 IP Review

XJDF 2.1 IP Review

PrintTalk 2.1 IP Review

All three specifications are incremental updates with respect to their predecessor specifications:

JDF 1.7 is an incremental upgrade that contains detail changes with respect to JDF 1.6.

XJDF 2.1 is an incremental upgrade that contains detail changes with respect to XJDF 2.0.

PrintTalk 2.1 is an incremental upgrade that contains detail changes with respect to PrintTalk 2.0.

These are
the second IP reviews according to CIP4s IP Policy:

V. Publication Specification Review: At least 30 days prior to when the CTO intends to declare that no further substantive changes will be made to the working draft of a Specification, the CTO will make a “Call for final changes to the draft.” During that period all Members are encouraged to review the working draft for patent claims that they may hold that are necessary for the implementation of any area of the Specification. 

Please review the specification drafts carefully and post comments as Adobe fdf files in the tables at 

JDF 1.7 IP Review,

XJDF 2.1 IP Review

PrintTalk 2.1 IP Review

The 30 day review period ends on February 8 2020. Minor technical and editorial modifications may still be applied and will be tracked in the CIP4 issue tracking system:

CIP4 aims to publish all specifications simultaneously, therefore PrintTalk 2.1 is being updated to 2.1 although very few technical changes are anticipated due to the fact that PrintTalk 2.0 has just recently been released.

Thanks to everyone who has invested in making JDF 1.7, XJDF 2.1 and PrintTalk 2.1 happen!

The QC face to face meeting will take place on January 15 and 16 in Hohenschäftlarn near Munich. For details and registration, please see: 2020-01-15 Munich / Hohenschäftlarn QC Meeting Notes and Agenda.

I hope to see many of you in Hohenschäftlarn so that we can finalize the Quality Control ICS for drupa.

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